It was a little over six months ago that Hurt fans got the news that the show featuring Taproot and Hurt for June 15th in the room of doom had been cancelled. Some sort of conflict with dates had surfaced and the Taproot guys had to pull out a week before the show.

Then on June 11th we got news from the guys of Hurt that they could make it for the June 15th show if Lubbock would still have them.

Show back on...

With only a few days to get the word out that the show was back on, I have to tell you I was worried the turn out might not be what we are used to when the band hits the Hub.

Boy was I wrong. The loyal Hurt fans showed up that night in droves and the show went off like there was never a cancellation in between.

For those of you who missed it in June, now, six months to the day later, you get the chance to check the band out live (and these guys kill it live!!!) in Lubbocks newest live music venue, The Republic on Texas.

And if you did catch J. and the guys last time around you know exactly how hard these guys rock, and you don't want to be one of the ones who misses it this time, do you?

Tickets can be had for $15 in advance at or get them for $20 at the door the day of the show.

Now check out the video...