It's come to my attention that my blog is the most watched blog by other media in this town. In fact, one particular t.v. station keeps raking it's personalities over the coals 'cause they can't kick out the gems like your boy White Chocolate. The answer to their problems seems pretty apparent to me; just hire me to do my blogs on your t.v. station. Read more after the jump.

There's a couple of problems with me doing commentary on t.v. #1. I'm too ugly for t.v. #2. I'm too controversial for t.v. and #3. I like to call people "assh@les". The problem with letting the existing pretty people do 'em is, THEY WERE HIRED FOR THEIR LOOKS-NOT THEIR BRAINS! A bowl of soup has more collective intelligence than most news staffs. That's also why I've never bought into the whole idea of "media manipulation"; because I know people in the media and for the most part, they're stupid.

So you're in charge of a t.v. station whatcha gonna do? Smart+Ugly or Stupid+Pretty? Sorry, you lose. Stupid+Pretty always wins. So I guess you're going to be stuck with airheads who have to be told to talk into the little red light.

And after you look at this picture remember this is before the swelling of my broken nose started; I have a knot on the bridge of my nose now.