I don't care about Christmas. As I've said before I like the fact that people are generally nicer to each other. I like the lights, the food and a few other things.  Other than that, I'm kind of tired of the onslaught of that starts every Black Friday.  Do I care if you celebrate it?  Not at all.


Every year about his time a small percentage of people start yelling about a "war on Christmas" and how others are trying to stop them from celebrating the holiday.  I'm going to have to call bullcookies on this particular claim.  Have you seen any lack of "Christmas" anywhere?  There doesn't seem to be one moment that goes by on t.v. where someone isn't talking about or advertising something for Christmas. It seems to me that more of my neighbors are decorating and/or putting up lights than ever before. I find the new Texas "Merry Christmas" law stupid, unnecessary and a waste of time because I don't think there's any shortage of people recognizing the holiday.

I guess where the rub comes in is when you try to force your beliefs about the holiday on others, then again, no one stops you from doing anything you want on your front lawn, so go crazy if you want to. I don't know why it would be necessary to put your version of the holiday in some government or public place when you have the ultimate display area right there in front of your house.  Then again, when it comes to displays and what not, I don't really see how a decorated tree has anything to do with any set of beliefs, it is.............................a tree.  That's all.

So, I think like most people, I find the idea of a "war on Christmas" completely laughable.  Even those of us who are kind of over it, don't even really care enough to complain.