It seems like just yesterday I was telling you guys how excited we were around our house for season five of True Blood. We have been watching the HBO series about vampires and other mystical beings since the first episode back in June of 2008.

The first four seasons were more like soft porn than a weekly TV show. This season though the writers seem to have really toned down the nudity and sex and amped up the twisted plot line.

This season some favorites characters were killed off, some where brought back from the dead... Much easier to do when it's vampires and not rich people living on a ranch in Texas ) and some went from good to evil, or evil to a little less evil.

I won't tell you guys how it ended, in case you havent watched the finale yet. What I will say is I didn't see that coming!

I can't wait for next June, so I can see what the resolution to that mess will be...