Can we stop it already with the receipts? How many trees died so you can put up information on your survey that no one is going to ever take. Even if they did take it, do you think you would be getting accurate results.


I'll bet you've got a long receipt from some place lately.  The person checking you out, depending on where they work, probably either pleaded with you to fill it out ("and use my name") or they knew you were mentally already gone so they absentmindedly went through the spiel.

Then, you have to wonder what the company who is taking the survey is thinking. I can tell you for a fact that people will RARELY tell you when you do a good job, but they will go out of their way to tell you if they weren't happy with their experience. Maybe they know they're only going to get bad experiences and are going to use the information to improve their performance.

Here's how it works: I give you money, you give me change and I'm gone. You don't get to hold me hostage with my change and the receipt in your hand while I listen to your pitch on why I should go online and fill out the survey.

How about you? \Have you ever filled out one of these surveys? Have you ever won anything? Were you glad they company wanted your input or do you think the whole thing was just a waste of time?