I really like this citizens movement. Here's why it has a huge chance at meaning nothing. It's starting to get a lack of focus.  I checked out their Facebook page and it's starting to be "hijacked" by other causes and by outright "kooks" and rumormongers.


From escapades involving the last Mayors family to the nut job rumors about "smart" meters, every last person with burr under their saddle is starting to muddy the water of this important movement.  FORGET ALL THAT.  Here's the questions you want answered.

*How does Lubbock's electric rates compare with other cities?

*Why weren't citizens warned that costs would be escalating drastically?

*Where can complaints be made and issues addressed?

*Who is ultimately responsible and accountable for "running" LP&L?

*What do we ultimately want to see as the outcome of these protests?


It's about FOCUS. If you want to deal in conspiracy or bring in other political issues you're going to lose. It's easy for city leaders to write off the looney's.  They can't write off a serious discussion that demands answers.  Also, I'm noticing SOME of the media starting to play this down, your best defense against this is to post and repost and post some more. Put up your pictures, your complaints your bills, everything you can and have everyone share, share, share.  Please feel free to share this blog as well.  ALSO PLEASE NOTE, THERE ARE A LOT OF GOOD PEOPLE WHO WORK AT LP&L, do not confuse them for the people who you have a problem with.  Also, keep in mind those organizations and people that think you have a right to be heard, it's likely that the people in the power business will try to strike back at those who helped give you a voice.

Heathen will be on hand at the scene of the citizens protest  at 1301 Broadway in the morning to see what's going on.