I have thick, curly hair.  It's gray and it starts a little further back than it used to, but I could grow it out and look like a roadie for the Grateful Dead in about three weeks. The main problem is that I get up at 4:08 every morning (random, huh) and I just don't like messing with it.


I just got up one day and gave myself a burr with a set of dog clippers. Yep, not even a human haircutting machine, just out and out dog clippers.  Since that time I've waffled a bit and grown my hair out a few times, but for the most part I've keep it down to a burr.  A few weeks ago I asked a bouncer friend of mine who keeps his head clean shaven the very unmanly question "how do you keep your head looking good?". Instead of being weird about it, he gave me two tips and I've only needed one of them. He said first you have to shave it everyday and second go to the ethnic hair care section and get the stuff that keeps your head from "bumpin' up".  Addressing the second part first, sometimes when you shave clean it can cause ingrown hairs and so far I haven't had that problem.  As for the first part, it makes things so much easier.  I was trying to take care of my business once a week and you just end up with whiskery patches that you just can't mow down. The fact is, if you hit it everyday it just takes a few minutes and it feels awesome.  I love how I can feel every breeze on the top of my head, or splash just a little cool water on it to cool down.  So, I look a bit like a supervillan.  You can also see that I've been knocked in the head once in a while.  There's also no hiding it when you get a zit or scratch, still it feels awesome.

I don't care if you don't think I can grow hair. It's certainly not a skill or the result of eating too much ice cream or whatever random idea you think may be the reason. I like it bald, shaved, smooth and cool.  I just want you guys to know if you ever considered it, GO FOR IT. I wish I would have made the jump in high school.