Okay metal fans time to get whipped into a black leather frenzy. I like metal bands that write what I like to call "songs". Read more after the jump.

I'm cool with "All That Remains", "Bury Your Dead" "Killswitch" and of course, "Bullet for my Valentine". What I don't like is bands just trying to "out hard" each other and lyrics that mean nothing. Pantera at the time was one of the hardest bands on earth, but they still had something to say. I don't give a g#ddamn about songs about trolls and swords and breaking wind in the seventh seal of the abyss or any of that crap. Just a couple of days ago I was listening to "The Sword" and I thought the music was really cool then they started signing about wolves licking Viking nuts or something. I don't mind songs with growling vocals as long as there's some type of relief verse or chorus. I also don't mind shredding when it's done in a way that fits the song (Judas Priest and Iron Maiden were excellent purveyors of this). I've seen Motorhead, UFO, Sabbath, Prong, Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and thousands of others from the original and mid periods of metal. I've also seen a lot of the bands that are currently on the scene and in my opinion none of them can even hold a candle to Slipknot live. I know that kills some of you because you don't want to consider Slipknot "metal", but the original stuff like "Heretic Song" and even "Wait and Bleed" (which was a bit of a crossover) are so friggin' brutal live that they'd make most black metal guys sh@t their pants. I guess Avenged Sevenfold isn't considered "metal" anymore because they started writing songs, but I think they are rightful heirs to the Iron Maiden school of melodic metal.

Also one of the biggest problems with supporting metal is the same trendiness that permeates alternative music-the minute you start playing the artist all the fans scream that the band "sold-out" even if they band didn't change a thing. So trying to stay ahead of metal trends is impossible because once you pick something up, everyone else drops it.

When it comes to moshing, I'd rather hang in the back with the women than dance in a circle with a bunch of shirtless sweaty dudes. You guys have fun knocking each others teeth out. I'll take your girl home while you go to the emergency room.

Yeah you can just say "he doesn't know real metal" or whatever, because I used to say the same thing and the fact of the matter is many of your bands wouldn't even exist if I didn't play their fore bearers on the "FMX Midnight Metalshop".

Anyways, you don't need to say "FMX hates metal" or "Wes hates metal", I think it has a place and I think that place is mostly at live events so I'll keep working to bring you as much live metal as you can support. Hopefully out of hundreds of crap shredders another Killswitch or A7X will emerge.

Now here's the true test-can you comment on this article intelligently? I'll listen or respond to any intelligent argument, you guys that just write "you suck" just propagate the VERY FALSE idea that metal is for lugheads (I DON'T BELIEVE THAT, and I don't want you to bring down the whole scene by acting like an assclown).