During CNN's morning show, Starting Point, they played a Billy Joel song that they have since apologized for. there is absolutely no reason for them to apologize, except for some super touchy-feely douche getting their panties in a wad. Here's what happened:

CNN was doing a spot about the terrorist shootings at the Sikh temple. They had a representative from the Sikh community on, and had a respectful conversation. They then took a break. A 3 minute commercial break.

When they came back from that full 3 minute commercial break, they were going into a completely different portion of their show, and they played a song from one of their guests "playlists". It's a thing they do in the mornings where they take a random song from one of that morning's guests' list of personal favorite songs. This time they played Billy Joel's "Only The Good Die Young."

And then someone got ticked. So they apologized. For what? I understand why that song would be inappropriate if they played during the piece about the shootings. But they didn't. It wasn't even adjacent to that piece. It was after a full 3 minutes of commercials, and before a completely unrelated part of the show. Watch the video and and see if you think it was worth them having to apologize.

Was it possibly poorly timed? Maybe. But then how long must you wait before you can get on with the rest of your day? If you really wanted to, you could say that playing that song in the same hour was poorly timed. Or the same day? It was a horrible tragedy, but this was in no way being tied to that, and people need to realize that there are other things going on in the world and we can't remain %100 focused on this.