With all this talk about watering our yards, washing our cars at home, not filling spas, or pools, and the debate about if and when to fill city pools going on, I find myself really wanting a home improvement project to keep me busy and to keep my mind off of what day I'm allowed to water.


While trying to decide on a project I did what any normal person would do these days, I went on the internet and started looking for ideas and ended up on YouTube.

At first I thought about maybe planting another garden; you know grow some okra, corn, squash. Nothing says summer like "Woody" in the garden picking squash in the backyard; but gardening requires water.

Next idea was to build a fountain, then I realized I'd have to fill it with WATER!

So finally I decided on a really cool yard decoration made with rock, cement and water.

Forget the water restrictions, I want this pool!