It is weird to me, and a bit sad that many of you have never seen the ocean, most notably the pacific ocean off the coast of sunny southern California.  You see as you go up the coast things tend to get a little rockier, so you have to stay where the sand is.

Bruce Bennett, Getty Images

I was unimpressed with the south coast and haven't had the good fortune to make it to the east coast or anywhere tropical. It's just a day and a half of hard driving to make it to the west coast.  Strangely, some of you will never make the journey and that's a bit sad.

If you do ever take the time. Find yourself a surf shop with rentals, grab yourself a board and some wax and give it a shot. It's not hard to learn to surf, it's hard to learn to surf well.  Just getting up on a board and feeling the power of the ocean push you along will give you a new outlook on the power of nature and a new perspective on life.  Don't let anyone convince you to just boogie-board. It's like riding a bike with training wheels versus riding a full blown motorcycle.

Some of you keep a "bucket list'.  Add surfing to it. It's such a do-able thing.  A couple hundred in gas and you and some buddies could load up the car and hit the beach.  I've driven from Lubbock to California with a friend, spent ONE DAY there and returned home.  Road trips and days at the beach are the type of things that will stay with you forever.  One day surfing will literally change your life forever.