How many times have you seen a sprinkler running during icy weather?  You probably think, "they better fix that or someones going to get hurt".  Well, according to our sister station KFYO, police think an icy patch of road may have led to a wreck that  put a Tech Student in a hospital.  Police traced the water back to the Courtyard Apartments at 66th and Quaker.

More on this story and a video on safe driving on ice next.

Police also said this was the THIRD accident that happened in that area in two days.  Police are looking into other possible factors in the crash.  All I really have to say is, laws are made for a reason and if we agree they are reasonable laws, they need to be enforced before this kind of thing happens.  If the dumbasses that run those apartments don't know that  "water + 14 degrees" equals ice, maybe a few tickets will wise them up.  Let the lawsuits begin!