I can not tell you how much I hope the Mayans are wrong about the end of the world hitting us on December 21, 2012. Why you might ask, well because the FMX Birthday Bash is not until February 2, 2012, featuring none other than Stone Sour and Papa Roach.

Last time Jacoby and the P. Roach boys hit Lubbock was back in 2010 at Wild West. If you remember that show, you have to remember Jacoby stopping the show when bouncers pulled a guy from the crowd and began to escort him out for typical Papa Roach fan behavior.

Pretty cool of the band to stop in the middle of a song and come to the defense of a fan...

One thing about P. Roach fans is they are dedicated and hard core, and the guys in the band return that loyalty back to their fans by never delivering less their best  in each and every show.

Tickets will go fast so don't miss your chance to celebrate our birthday (and the fact that the Myans were wrong... hopefully).

Tickets available at the FMX studio, or frontgatetickets.com.