It doesn't matter how you vote in politics. It doesn't matter what your opinions are about this "climate change" thingy. It's happening, and if you don't believe me, then watch this. Bill Nye The Science Guy don't lie.

For you older types, Bill Nye is the Mr. Wizard for a younger generation. And I would NEVER question Mr. Wizard's scientific street cred. This man is the 50 Cent of science nerds. Yup, he's a N.E.R.D. P.I.M.P!

Anyhow, bill Nye, in this easy to understand educational video, explains the basic FACTS about climate change and our planet. And, as he explains in the video, for the fiscal conservatives who think more business regulation is bad for the economy (e.g. pollution controls), think about how many jobs emerging technologies will create. This is an entirely new field of business with limitless possibilities for careers!