Ill Nino frontman Cristian Machado recently talked with Alpha WolfHunters about the beginning of Ill Nino and what the future holds.

I love me some Ill Nino, and I am always finding myself looking up old school videos and trying to see what my brother in Latin Metal are up to. I am very thankful that I can call vocalist Cristian Machado my bro and we text each other often to see how each other are doing.


If you remember the last time Ill Nino was here they played at Jake's when Static X had to bail off the bill and Ill Nino played anyway and came to the studio for an interview.

What made that night memorable was not only the show but loading up my bros in Ill Nino and heading to Chances R to catch some Metalachi, but we were just a little late. That didn't stop our party though and any other details of that night are a little sketchy.

Check out my bro Cristian Machado of Ill Nino being interviewed across the pond.