Every once in a while I post something that may or may not be construed as political.  It's my hope that if you're not interested you'll bail out immediately and check out one of my other posts about music or nutty videos.  More after the jump.


I gave up Facebook, because I was tired of boring debates with conservative folks.  You see conservative folks have their own radio stations, t.v. shows and talk shows and apparently that's not enough for them.  As far as I know, there's no real liberal or even middle ground shows around here.  Our morning show and station are no real points for politics either, but this is my BLOG, not my radio show. Now, I have NEVER gone to a conservative website or radio station and argued against their politics.  For some reason though, there is a never ending supply of these jerks who want to  come to our site or my page and take issue with me.  Now, not all conservatives are jerks just like not all liberals wear sandals and listen to folk music, but I am tired of instigators.  I think those of us who get information from places other than FOX News should be allowed to discuss things amongst ourselves without some interloper parrot spewing the same garbage at us over and over. To paraphrase a recent quote I saw, trying to debate someone who has already given up reason is like trying to give medicine to someone who is already dead.  So, if you're a conservative and a listener, how about you skip my blogs and we'll just rock out together?  If you're conservative and not a listener, get lost, you're not wanted.  Write all you want, you'll just be deleted.