I love Asian food, I don't care if it's Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, it really does not matter to me,I love it all!

The sad thing is I tend to be drawn to the hole in the wall kinds of places that NO ONE will go into with me, and "IF" by chance I talk someone into going along, they always seem to have "just eaten."

Me, I think they are more authentic than the big chain places and therefore offer a better variety of the true flavors.

The names of these restaurants though make me want to go just so I can say I went to these places.

Next time I'm in New Orleans, I will be sure to check out Sukho Thai, maybe try a little shrimp in a pouch. Maybe a trip to L.A. or Long Beach and head to Khun Dom for an order of sticky rice and Padang chicken, hopefully the rice is all that's sticky.

Since I would already be in California there is no " Pho King Way" I could miss the pho hai vi soup.