"Citizens groups" have been convened over the last eleven months to come up with a 'vision of Lubbock' for the future. I actually thought about attending, but I'm pretty sure that
"the fix is in" and these people don't care what ordinary people think, it's all about supporting plans they already have in place.  More after the jump.

Do you know how most city and county politicians make their money?  It's simple.  It's land speculation.  If you can control where the development is, you can buy up land cheap then sell it for a profit when "progress" come to that area.  Now, this is not always, the case, but it frequently is.  In my opinion, that is why the result of all of these meetings is "revitalize downtown".  Let me make this clear to everyone.  NO ONE GIVES TWO SH!@s ABOUT DOWNTOWN.  Sorry, it's been tried.  They also tried to pitch the old warhorses about propping up the Depot District, music festivals, and................................................sorry, I fell asleep for a minute.  Wait, here's something new!  They want to divert water from the Canyon Lakes to create water features  through downtown (sounds like someones been to San Antonio).  They also suggested they "support" the proposed privately funded performing arts center (probably with a "gift" of free land from the city).  They want to build a place to see horseys.  The ONLY sensible suggestion put forward was to renovate the Civic Center.  It's still in good enough shape that it should be handled with care.  All in all though, I have NEVER seen a group of politicians and people so self involved that they can't even see fit to throw a little bit towards areas of Lubbock other than downtown.

I've read several reports and evidently Commissioner Patti Jones told people that if they didn't want to see Lubbock "move forward" that they could "get out".  Well, here's hoping Ms Jones is shown the road in the next election.  I'm 100% for progress in Lubbock.  I'm just not more making sure the same old people in the Depot District and Downtown get their palms greased.  I don't even see how they can call fixing up old stuff "moving forward".  Even the towns that paint fiberglass animals and put them on the street corners make more sense than throwing money into rotten old buildings and run down areas.   Bring something to the center Lubbock, the edges of Lubbock, the underside of Lubbock; I'm willing to discuss anywhere but downtown.