The Chairman Of The Electric Utility Board has come out with a novel approach to solving LP&L's image problems: BLAME THE MEDIA.  Yes, the big bad "media" is the reason everyone hates them. Well, the "MEDIA" is about to go up their rears next.

Friends, there are a lot of good folks who work at LP&L.  There's a bunch of arrogant jackasses in charge of it (including our own City Council).  In a letter published at Gail Kring blames the news media for LP&L's problems and in a not very veiled way appears to be blaming the mayor by saying that their image problems started about "two years ago" with "constant criticizing in the news media".

Meanwhile over at Everything Lubbock, they're reporting that 44,000 people who were underbilled due to a "computer glitch" will have to pay an average of $55 A PIECE by November 1st.

Heathen has had a super serving of problems with LP&L.  I held him back like a rabid dog for months and months until I myself got a taste of LP&L "customer service", and watched the Three Stooges act that is LP&L management. I watched the council ignore please for relief and help. I've seen electric bills triple. I've seen the absolute lamest excuses for mis-billing and misdeeds and I've seen the most insincere apologies ever.

LP&L. It's simple. The "news media" didn't cause you to suck. You did that all by yourself.