I live in North Lubbock and do business in North Lubbock. I have a friend I pick up in the Arnett Benson neighborhood and I work at 82nd and Quaker.  The fact is, there are no bad 'sides' of town. There might be a few blocks here and there that are rough, but that's about it.  More after the jump.

I know how old prejudices tend to hang on.  There are still people in town that won't let their kids come to "Nightmare On 19th Street" because it's in North Lubbock.  I guess it doesn't matter that we are a half a block away from the Christian skate park (I wouldn't doubt they get some of this too).  I personally don't know what any body is afraid of, and Mae Simmons park is absolutely the best looking and best maintained park in Lubbock.  I think it's part of Lubbock's embarrassing past that African Americans had to live on the North side or something.  Well guess what, they're people too and they have fancy houses and poor houses and everything in between.  I live over by the airport and within walking distance is the Lubbock Country Club and million dollar houses.  If you walk the other direction you'll find some absolute flophouses. I also mentioned there's a kid that I pick up from the Arnett-Benson area.  It's the same as my area, there are people who take great pride in their homes and then there are people who are not so much.  I do notice they all seem to be smiling.

What's the point to all this?  Not much, I just think you should judge people and places for what they are, not where they are.  I've had no trouble in North Lubbock.  I guess the trend is to move towards Frenship or something but that's kind of dumb.  You're just going to pay more to live and it won't make a damn in the grand scheme of things because there are good people and bad people everywhere, especially in Lubbock.