It's been two years since the last Marilyn Manson record was released, the very disappointing 2009 "The High End of Low." 

 "High End of Low" sold a mere 200,000 units and was quickly forgotten by the public, the failure of the record lead to canceled tour dates (including a date here in Lubbock) many thought it was the end for the 'Big Bad Wolf.'  

Well, if your a fellow Manson fan, never fear, 'El Cucuy' is back with a new single called "New Reflection" that will released in May of 2012, the first tune from the 8th record "Born Villian" that is scheduled to be available later this year on Marilyn's new record label Cooking Vinyl Records. 

Hey, it would be nice if Manson could make up that date he owes us somtime this summer!

Now jump on the "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" and check out the audio...