Did you know that probably less than half of the rock stations out there played "The Promise" by "In This Moment"?  Some people just refuse to give the band props, even when they deliver big time.  Now whether you're a fan of the song or not, there's no denying it was huge around these parts.  I've seen at least three girls post tattoos that say "My promise is that I'll hurt you" (the chorus from the song).  Yeah, a there aren't many songs that inspire tattoos.  More, including a cool acoustic version of "The Promise" after the break.

In This Moment are taking a break from prepping their new album to return to Lubbock this Friday night.  I can't say enough about this band.  They all know all the dudes are checking out Maria, but they choose to fight through it and make the best metal they can.  The band also has new members after a couple bailed to join James Durbin's band.

Also on the bill is Black Tide.  BIG things are expected out of this band and I've heard more than one source claim that they are "the next Metallica".   Opening the show will be Lubbock's own Colossus of Rhodes, coming hot off the heels of their first reunion show.

With just four days until the show, expect tons of freebies with the FMX Ticketmonster!