A couple of the biggest problems with electronic communication, whether by email, Twitter, Facebook, or text message is first the person reading it does not always know the feeling behind the message since they can not see your face to read your body language or your facial expressions, and you can not read theirs.

Another issue is, these days we do not only communicate with people we know personally, so we don't always know their story or their life situation.

And that is exactly how Olympic track star Lolo Jones ended up with her foot in her mouth over a Tweet from former Rutgers lineman Eric LeGrand.

It seems LeGrand Tweeted at Jones, "want to race me"

To which Jones replied, "get checked for a concussion. Clearly, u've been hit in the head...Cos u arnt beating a track athlete."

For those of you who don't know Eric's story, like Jones, he suffered a spinal injury in a game against Army in 2010 which left him paralyzed from the neck down.

Once Lolo realized who LeGrand was. she immediately apologized and explained she was unaware of the situation and responded in a lighthearted way as she normally does when challenged to race someone.

Moral of this story...think before you tweet.