I have been having this debate with one of my best bros about seeing Iron Maiden in concert when they hit Austin, Texas and as the date gets closer he keeps sweetening the deal.

As most of you know I am not that big of a fan of Iron Maiden, but I respect the fact on what they have done and continue to do for heavy metal.

It is very ignorant for anyone to say "oh, Iron Maiden s#cks" or whatever they have to say because they are one of maybe 3 heavy metal bands that will sell out any ARENA without have to be apart of a festival.

So my bro Chano, has not only said that he has a pit ticket for me but he will fly me out to see Iron Maiden in Austin on September 10th with them on the bill will be Megadeth as well which will make for a sick show!

I have until Wednesday to give him my answer about seeing Iron Maiden the last thing he said to me was "Up The Irons theres no going back, you'll be hooked forever" with that said I might have to ask Wes for a day off!