I found this bit trending on YouTube and I really think it's worth your time. What makes it fun is it's shot like an old education cartoon (remember those?). More after the jump.


I am concerned about what the band "Rise Against" called "September's Children".  If you remember, back in September 2010 there was a series of teen suicides, that were the result of homophobic bullying.  I just don't believe these kids had any choice in how they were born and they didn't deserve to be bullied to the point where they thought that death was their only option.  I'm around a lot of teens who are "different".  I don't know how many are gay, straight or whatever.  I only know that they don't fit in with a lot of kids at their schools.  For that reason, I'm more than happy to stand up and take whatever abuse that could come their way if I can. If I could take a beating to save one of these kids the humiliation, I'd do it.  You know, I still come from a time when being a "rock and roll type" made you an outcast, and I see that as one of the best reasons ever to stand up for other groups that are picked on.  I hope you do too.

I'm glad that you choose to read this far.  It tells me that you're at least willing to be open minded about the subject.  Everyone get's one ride on this planet, and no one has the right to make that ride a rough one for them.  Here's the cartoon:

Since I mentioned it, here's the Rise Against video: