Don't believe everything you read folks.  A proposed "Carnival Of Madness" tour date in Lubbock is still in flux!  How do I know this?  It's my parent company negotiating for the date.  This one is far from buttoned up, but we're hopeful.  Find out more after the jump.

If "Carnival Of Madness" hits the hub, it's all about Evanescence.  Yeppers, Amy Lee is schlepping the crew across the country and we just may have a chance to see her again.  Speaking of "seeing again', three of the bands that absolutely ruled during our last big weekend of rock are on the bill-Chevelle, Halestorm and New Medicine.  Opening the show is American Fang.  The date the promoters are looking at is August 17th.

Please don't get your hopes up.  This show is likely, but not 100%.  I wouldn't even have written this post but other sites are listing the show as a done deal so I didn't want you to hear it from anywhere else.  So pencil the date in, but don't mark it in ink just yet!