This is a tough one. A recent "hack" brought to light a lot of personal nude pictures that celebrities had taken for their own private use or viewing. Among them were some of the most desirable females out there. Who doesn't want to see Kate Upton or Jennifer Lawrence naked or partially naked?


Hey, I had a peek before I really thought about it.  I do have standards though, I never looked at the Erin Andrews pictures that a peeping tom took.  When I heard news these pics had hit, I didn't really think that I was contributing to a crime.  To a what degree can be discussed, but when we look, we're part of the crime. We're taking someones personal property and "using" it.

I've decided I'm not going to look at any more of these pics. There's just something not right about. Heck, with all the high quality porn out there, why even mess with these folks property.  Then again, there's always the argument, "if you don't want people to see you naked, don't put your pictures out there, even for private use".  I, personally am not going to come down on you for having that opinion either. Like I said, in the excitement of the original release, I looked and I can't blame you for looking either.

So what's your thoughts? Will you look? Is it wrong? Is it just part of being a celebrity?