As I told you this past Friday, I had to make a road trip to Des Moines, Iowa to pick up my twin boys and we did 1700 miles in 28 hours to arrive safely back home!

On the way up north I had the opportunity to sample a variety of rock stations, and I have to say that FMX is light years ahead of these stations.

Not only does FMX play heavy music like In This Moment, Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White and Falling In Reverse, we still have our roots with AC/DC and Aerosmith and such. And FMX has always supported heavy bands like Type O Negative, Static X and Union Underground. Now you might not think it's a big deal that you have heard these bands at some point, but there are stations that will NOT touch any heavy music and they have never even heard of some of those bands.


The stations that I heard were very, very conservative and I found myself bored after 30 minutes or so. I have been a listener of FMX for many years and became an FMX DJ 5 years ago. We still push the limits of what the listener hears here at Lubbock's Rock Station and I am proud to be a part of it.

One of the easiest example I can give you is Type O Negative. I learned and first heard about Type O through FMX. Other radio stations have no clue who Type O Negative is, and the same goes for bands like Clutch and Static X. FMX has always been a supporter of heavy music, and I promise you that you can call other stations in Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa and ask to hear some Type O Negative and they will think it's some local band.

As for the trip, it was long but well worth it. We left at 10:15 pm Friday night and returned safely Sunday morning at 2:15am.

We had a blast, but that kind of road trip is rare and I am glad!