I'm still not sure how this slide would be breaking girls in their stuffs, and not dudes junks too. But the story going around is that a few women have been hospitalized because of it.

It's a water slide at the Galaxy Water Park in Erding, Germany called The Faser. This sucker gets you up to 45 miles an hour. that's not fast in a car. But sliding on your ass down 4 or 5 stories of water lubed plastic? Yeah that's hauling ass! and unfortunately it has been causing some ladies problems.

When some women slide down, the speed makes it hard for them to keep their legs closed, and as the jets shoot water between their legs, the pressure is causing genital injuries. Six women have been hospitalized, and Galaxy has now temporarily banned all women from the slide. They are working on a special suit that women can wear to protect themselves. Here's the slide in action, and this woman escapes unharmed.

And here's another YouTube video about the slide. The German theme song really adds a Hasselhoff-esque punch to it. Also notice the guy getting off at the end is holding his junk...