This is a question that is debated almost every time myself and my bros get together and talk music, who is the greatest guitar player of our time. I think if you watch these video of Zakk Wylde performing with Camp Freddy you might just agree with me and remember I said of "our time" not of all time.

I recently told you about the Camp Freddy throw down in Austin, Texas on December 11th where we saw all kinds of killer performances.

Camp Freddy did it again this time at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California and Zakk Wylde took the stage and threw down one of the best sets I have ever seen on video.


Zakk Wylde performed a Black Sabbath classic as well as a Jimi Hendrix tune and the classic Alice In Chains "Man In The Box."

Now there are some really really good guitar players out there and I won't take the time to mention them all but I will say that when I say Zakk Wylde is the greatest of our time I really believe it.

The dude can do it all it doesn't matter if he is playing blues, rock or metal the man has it all at his finger tips while performing vocals as well.

Now the argument can be made about other guitar players out there but I believe that when it comes to over all talent and skills Zakk Wylde is the man.

Check out the video and let me know who you think is the greatest of out generation and playing the guitar.