I guess I'm bad at Facebook.  When people post a complaint or thought or "wish" or whatever, I will on occasion offer some input.  I pretty much thought that was why were on "social" media.  The problem I'm finding is, that people don't want answers, they just want to bitch and whine (or piss and moan if you prefer).


I thought I was offering some positive suggestions to a friend and what is and isn't realistic for Lubbock. In reality, Lubbock just can't or won't support some things.  For instance, there are very few surfers in Lubbock, so a surf shop probably wouldn't do well.  To continue with this example, I offered up some places that while they weren't necessarily for surfers, they do a pretty good job a taking care of them.  Well that wasn't enough, this person wasn't going to be happy until I said "You're DAMN RIGHT this town needs a surf shop".  Well, sorry, White Chocolate don't roll that way.  If a question, thought or complaint is put in front of me, I look for an answer.  It's not a need to be "right" or to "have the last word" , I think it may be an actual O.C.D. related need to solve the problem.  I'm not looking to harm anyone or boost my ego.  Heck, I get PAID for writing blogs, not for commenting on other peoples feeds. This blog here has the potential to reach anywhere from a thousand to twenty-five thousand folks, I sure as heck don't need to be "right" in front of anybodies few hundred friends.

Anyways, I'm sure all of you have had similar situations.  I guess we all have to remember that only certain types of people go on Facebook in the first place.  My guess is that we all need some type of attention or substitute for real friends.  The thing that drives me CRAZY is, YOU'RE ON FACEBOOK. It's not like you were solving the worlds problems; you were screwing around in your free time and you made a comment.  Now IMMEDIATELY after you ready or see a comment on Facebook, what do you see?  A place for the READER to comment.  Don't ask questions if you don't want answers. Don't beg on Facebook unless you want to be called a begger. Don't offer an opinion unless you're willing to get other opinions.  It's called "SOCIAL" medial because it's SUPPOSED to be a back and forth.