I'm sure you've all heard about Congressman Anthony Weiner and his accidental Tweet of his man parts to a college student. Seems last night at a picnnc....wonder what was served? hamburgers and hot dogs? Or maybe Lil" smokey wraps?

Anyway, bottom line is this guy was set to run for mayor of New York when it was "exposed" that he had been up to some extracurricular sharing of his man parts.

Let's be real, sending a little taste of what you can expect when you get home is something couples do these days, it's like cyber foreplay, but shooting your weiner out to all those on Tweeter and then saying someone else hacked your account took a picture of your little friend and then sent it ..... come on, how stupid did this guy think people are?!

Tell ya what listening to this story on the news it is really funny to listen to all the sexual innuendo's these guys are throwing in, check out the story and let me know how many you counted.

Here are a few I caught, "congress "ramps up pressure on Weiner, there has been " Intense pressure on Weiner," since this story broke.  "A go between between Pelosi and Weiner, In regard to his style in congress, "he's always been a little in your face" (in regard to Congressman Weiner) and finally maybe they can focus on issues at hand before this "Weiner mess exploded."