In case you have not heard yet Guns N' Roses will be hitting the Hub City this weekend, June 1, 2013 at the Lone Star Amphitheater. As of right now there has been no official opening act reported for this show. Never fear though my friends, if you are one of those who like to get your party on before the big show starts, or if you find yourself a little low on cash but want to go to a live show and be a part of the excitement.

To make sure everyone is able to get their rock on before the show on Saturday, there will a pre-show party at the Fubar, the doors will open at 3:30 and a local band will kick off the pre-party at 4:30.

And, are you ready for this .... At 6:30 J. Loren Wince and all the guys from HURT will take control of the show!

Here's what you do, make your plans now to be at Fubar on Saturday (remember doors at 3:30) 2203 Buddy Holly Ave.

If you have tickets for the GNR show, you get in for FREE.. If you don't have a ticket for GNR, no problem, five bucks at the door (at Fubar) for adults, ten bucks for minors, and you're in.

Check this out, not only will you be able to kick start your night with some kickin' tunes, there will (naturally) be drink specials (who's ever heard of a pre-party without drink specials?!)

Fubar will be offering up $1.00 drafts and $2.00 wells along with BBQ and burgers.

Gates for the GNR show aren't until 8:30, so you have plenty of time to get your drink on and get primed at the Fubar with Hurt.

Check out the video...