Every once in a while I check out the written version of "Consider This" because if there is someone in Lubbock who is going to say something even stupider than me, it's Dan Jackson.  Holy Cow, this guys views range the gamut from "kiss your butt" to "wtf"? Wow, that kind of rhymes if you say the full thing out loud, "kiss your butt, what the f@#%".  Well this time I'm calling him out on a serious wtf?

Mr. Jackson chose this important pulpit, which could have been used to something, anything worthy, to call the NFL out for having the Superbowl in an outdoor stadium. He essentially says they are selling out by having the game in a place with possible bad weather.

Okay, first off, as the headline indicates, this is FOOTBALL.  This is not giant-big puss-I'm kind of cold-ball. Football was virtually defined by the toughness of guys playing in all kinds of conditions.  Second, it was about time these folks had a shot at the game. The NFL tradionally doesn't put the game in places with a median temperature of less than 50 degrees, so it's been a while. Next, boo-freakin hoo. So a bunch of millionaires (including a bunch of them in the stand) might have to be cold? big deal. And lastly, don't you have a forecast center?  It's going to be........................wait for it.....................50 in East Rutherford New Jersey tomorrow.   Lastly, I'd like to add that the Superbowl has been played in winter conditions many times before, including in..................wait for it again................Dallas.  Yep, anybody remember the big ice storm in Dallas in 2011?

I'm tired of NFL football being set in perfect indoor conditions of fake grass. It shouldn't look like a reality show, it should look like, FOOTBALL.  As shown above, you can't predict when mother nature is going to show up to the outdoor venues. Let's also not forget that this years winners are from Colorado and Washington. If it would have been zero degrees these teams would have said "been there, done that".

So who's with me?  Football in any weather any where, or football in indoor stadiums and/or only on nice sunny days!