TLR week is upon us!! The 2013 TLRenaissance FREAKSHOW takes place, this Saturday, October 19th, at Klusoz. The West Texas Roller Dollz will be making their TLR debut, Devil's Cab operator, Michael Ribordy, will be spitting fire, Rooster will be hosting Open Bar Saturday Night, from the show, and The Car Chasers will be making a special guest appearance!!

The excitement doesn't stop, there... Creative and innovative designs, by Independent designers, Katherine Micheal, ZombiePeepshow (Kayla Stojek), Tucker and TLR's Head Costumer, Jodi Tekstar, will be featured, in the show. Local talent, Phillip Coggins, will provide an original piece of musical entertainment. Natalie Bradshaw, of the Flatlands Dance Theatre and TLR's 2013 featured dance soloist, will awe and inspire you, as Jenn Ryan, professional pole dance artist, wow's the crowd. Stilts, skates, chains and fire...freaks of all kinds...will baffle, test your comfort zones and attempt to open your mind!! It's our favorite holiday and our favorite month: TLRocktober! ...and other than Nightmare on 19th Street, there's no better way to kick off your Halloween festivities! So make a weekend of it!! Make Friday FRIGHTday, and head out to Nightmare on 19th. Then, plan to attend Lubbock's edgiest annual event, Threads Locks & Rock, as we bring you the greatest show...well, maybe not on Earth, but certainly in this city: TLRenaissance FREAKSHOW!! Get your tickets, online, today!!