When I heard you could buy a brick to support the J.I. Allison house, my first thought was "awesome, who do I get to throw it at?".  I personally just can't get behind this project.  The whole towns efforts to recognize Buddy Holly & The Crickets came much too late to mean anything.  More after the jump.


Buddy Holly's time was three generations ago.  He was an architect of rock, there is no doubt to that. It's just that his contributions matter very little to the people who get out and visit tourist spots.  Think about it this way, sixty years before Buddy the big "hits" of the day were from an artist named "Billy Murray". Should Buddy have gone to his grave and thanked him for his contributions?  And should Billy Murry have gone to the grave of whatever cowboy poet wrote songs in the 1870's?  And should that person go back, and back until we get back to the person who invented spoken word?  My point is, there comes a time to say "thank you" and just let go.  The city has not only lost whatever  real benefits it could have had from Buddy Holly living here, it turned it's back on a star far bigger.  Yes kids, with the internet and new generations out there, far more people LIVING people have heard Natalie Maines and The Dixie Chicks, but we let one political party's insecurity burn the groups identity forever.

So Lubbock is once again a day late and a dollar short.  You go ahead and buy a brick to support that eyesore in the Depot District.  I'll get small fries with mine.

p.s.  Just as an aside, when you do a Google search of "Buddy Holly", the number one return is the Weezer song, not Buddy himself. If that doesn't tell you something, then nothing does.