A lot of the big chain stores got behind the drug wars for whatever reason and started administering drug tests for employment. It's a failed idea and it needs to go away.  What someone does on the weekend or after hours does not mean squat towards what they do during the workday.

Nick Laham, ALLSPORT, Getty Images

I see the signs all the time "We drug test". Big deal. I have found that in almost ALL cases the places that drug test spend more time analyzing their employees piss than training them to do their jobs.  I completely understand a company wanting to test someone who is under the suspicion of coming to work high, but I don't support the random hassling of adults doing what they want to do on their own time. You don't test people for having beers after work, you sure as hell shouldn't ban them from employment because they had a joint 30 days ago. No one ever came to work with a marijuana hangover and messed stuff up.  I can claim this to be 100% true, because there is no such thing as a "marijuana hangover".  On the other hand, you can come to work still stinking of last nights shot special and for the most part you're a-okay as far as the drug testing goes.

I know it's still rough out there, but times will get better. It's time to give the middle finger to these sycophants to the drug war. You shouldn't have to give up your after hours pursuit of happiness to make a stinkin' eight bucks an hour.