I lover writing articles like this.  As I said in an earlier article, a lot of people peg me as "liberal" even though I've been a registered Republican for 30 years. I make fun of EVERYBODY.  I'd probably make more fun of our current President, but with all the hate being sent his way, it just seems like "piling on".  Anyways, Rush Limbaugh apologized for his insensitive remarks, it's time to forgive (but don't forget everything).  More details after the jump.

Anyways, people, and I believe Rush himself, forgot he is an ENTERTAINER.  He's no different than the guy who talks about UFO'S on the radio all night. He sometimes takes things to the extremes to make a point.  The problem with taking things to the extremes is, the line gets real fuzzy near the end. He takes things so far, that he makes me uncomfortable that we're in the same political party.  In short, I'm not a fan of his politics, but I am a fan of how he's made a show of them.

So it's time for forgive, but don't forget, the guys an entertainer. He makes hay of politics, usually the left, but sometimes even the right. You have to remember, he's not a real politician, he's not obligated to voters. He can exaggerate to make a point and he can walk away at the end of the day, even with skeletons in his own closet. LISTENERS also need to realize that when they quote Rush's rhetoric, they are not necessarily stating facts, they are quoting a "routine" from a radio entertainer.  Now, throughout history comedians and entertainers have been the best at pointing out the absurdity of politics, so there's nothing wrong with this, you just have to remember that at the end of the day it's an "act".

Now, how about you conservatives get over the Dixie Chicks debacle?