I remember when word came out that a new show called "N.Y.P.D. Blue" was coming on and it was going to feature some course language.  Immediately the local affiliate KAMC in Lubbock FREAKED out and dropped this blockbuster show from it's lineup. It was then picked up and played by someone else in town, until it became a success of course, at which point it no longer mattered that it wasn't previously up to "community standards".

We have a whole new world of more original, more intense television shows out, most of the them on cable. Shows like "The Walking Dead", "Justifed" or even the comedy "Legit" are taking t.v. to a new level because they aren't hampered with network restrictions.  On the other hand, a potentially great show like "Under The Dome" seems like it's suffering under the heavy handedness of network t.v.  Yes, it's true the networks operate on the "public airwaves" but they aren't going to survive if they aren't allowed to compete.  So my point?  I think it's time for the censors to back restrictions off to a 2013 level of acceptability. The idea that we have to "protect the children" is a bit dated, especially after 9 p.m. The public, with their viewing habits should be able to decide what is appropriate for their own households.