Every once in a while a big meanie machine (that may or may not be possessed by the devil) goes through our list of V.I.P.s and purges it.  Yes, it's horrifying.  Imagine not getting your weekly Mailbomb and imagine not being able to take advance of ticket specials and other cool stuff.

So, straight up, if you don't "open" one of your Mailbombs (or the computer just doesn't get the message that you did) for a period of time it takes you off our list.  When you think about it, it's actually a nice thing, because we don't want to send stuff to you if you are no longer interested.  Some of you though are going to be caught with your pants down.

Remember, after the first of the year the new concert season starts. We'll have the FMX Birthday Bash, X-fest and other great events coming up.  It appears we'll continue to have great specials for Bombsquad members on tickets.  We're even going to start something called "the Bombsquad Bonus" with the upcoming Five Finger Death Punch show.

Do yourself a favor, re-enlist in the Bombsquad right now. Do it here!