On July 6th, I woke up to a phone call from Woody telling me Five Finger Death Punch would be playing at the Mirage pool in Vegas... Less than 2 miles from where she was... I'm sure you can guess where this is going...

So, being the good boyfriend I am, I made the call to get her on the guest list... against my better judgement, little miss, Ivan is so hot.... lol

Much to her disappointment since that show had only been scheduled a few days before (and since it was a holiday weekend) no one was in the office to take my call so I could not make it happen for that show.

Poor baby girl was bummed, so I reminded her they would be here in a few weeks.

So when Tuesday rolled around, Woody was more than excited to finally get to see 5FDP again.

Then it happened, we were standing backstage with the winners of an FMX contest as Ivan spotted her and motioned for her to come talk to him.

Naturally she "had to" go talk to him, even though their security guy was eyeballing her and questioning what she was doing since she was not the winner of the private meet and greet (but as she said, Ivan TOLD HER TO... lol).

The rest of the night it seemed like every time I turned around those two were talking, and right before the band hit the stage he walked up to MY girl and asked her for a hug for luck, yeah bro she's hot, and she's mine... thank the lord it wasn't Jacoby because I might be sitting here alone tonight rather than laughing at the picture of Woody and Ivan all snuggled up like a couple on their honeymoon.

In all honesty, the Five Finger Death Punch machine, is a 1st-class organization.

Check out some vid.....