As you guys probably know by now, due to the nature of our jobs we get to meet; and in some instances become good friends with members of some of the bands that come through town.

J.Loren Wince of HURT is one of those that we not only have met, but all consider a good friend.

I mean come on, how many bands will drive from Houston to Lubbock and back to Dallas in less than 48 hours and do a free "pre-party" acoustic show and then do a full rock set to open a show, all because the opening band that was scheduled couldn't make it?

Did I mention, in a van that kept breaking down, in June, without air conditioning... Keep in mind the heat of a Texas summer day.

That isn't something a lot of bands would do, but J and the rest of the guys in HURT didn't even give it a second thought, instead they asked what time do we go on.

The guys in HURT are in this business because they truly love to make music and to connect with their fans. If you don't believe me log on to Facebook and you will see instance after instance where J not only answers questions, but actually interacts and carries on conversations with fans. That isn't something you see a lot of guys in bands doing, usually "if" a fan gets a response these days it's from an administrator of the bands fan page.

With all that being said, these guys have been giving us great music since 2000 and have done what we here at FMX refer to as "low-dough" shows for what amounts to gas money for them to get here and back to their next gig.

Now it's time to do what we can to help give back to these guys by telling you about a very cool, very limited, offer J and the guys are doing.

So check it out, right now you can get a VERY limited edition (only 1000 of these are going to be made available) remastered copy of the bands self titled CD, handwritten lyrics, and a very cool HURT T-shirt for only 35 bucks!

Interested? Follow this link and pick up one for yourself and one for a friend (right now they even have hoodie, beanie, t-shirt, and CD bundles ONLY AVAILABLE HERE)

Thanks guys, I just got ALL of Woody's Christmas presents for next year!