Holy Jeez.  I mean oh, wow.  Is it really 2013?  Reverend Timothy Nelson and his band zealots tried to get a Godsmack show cancelled because their lyrics are "evil, strewn with obscenities and violent".

The group also had a problem with the name "Godsmack" calling it "irreverent" and asked the question "do you smack God?"  The show is scheduled for August 5th at the County Fairgrounds and the group tried using the charter which claimed it's a "family oriented" venue as a means to get the show stopped.  The Reverend Timmy is apparently also a music expert saying "there's a lot of bands that are good and there and then there are some that are into witchcraft and the devil".  Anyways, the fair refused to cancel the show and said ticket sales are good.

I just can't even believe that there are still conversations out there in this day and age.  I also can't believe the good reverend missed the fact that Sully Erna is a practicing Wiccan. Yep, Sully Erna is a witch. So what does this mean?  Does he believe in devils and demons and bears, oh my?  I don't know.  What I do know is, it can't rub off on you.  I also know that it's ALL silly.  The central tenant to the Wiccan religion is "if you harm none, do what you will", so what do I care what the guy believes in beyond that?

So you have Christian religious nuts on one side and a practitioner of a pagan religion on the other side. My take is it is absolutely positively ridiculous to think that anything good or evil would give a rats rear end about a rock show in Jackson, Michigan.  I've seen Godsmack a least a half dozen times and the only thing I've ever really thought after the show as "great drum solo".

Here's a full Godsmack concert video. I'll bet $5 you can watch the whole thing without sacrificing anything to the devil.


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The bible beaters also had a problem with the opening act, Pop Evil.