The Jeff Loomis Band is scheduled to be in town for the huge shindig that we're hosting on Sunday. After what seems like a complete travesty, let's hope the band is still able to go on and bring us the rock.

Before embarking to Dallas from St. Louis, Loomis says the band was "grabbing a bite to eat" and within about 10 to 15 minutes of ordering food at a restaurant, the van the band was touring in had everything from cell phones, passports, musical instruments, and money were stolen.

I definitely feel for these guys and I will say that no band deserves this.

Shame on the sick cowards who have nothing better to do with their time than inflicting tumult on others.

If you would like to help the band turn things around financially, the band has created a place for donations. IF you'd like to donate, e-mail for more details.

On a lighter note, hopefully the band will be able to go on flawlessly this Sunday at 3:30. Stay tuned.