I don't think I've made any secret of my love of whiskey.  I lurv it oodles!  It's tasty and it makes fairies swim around in my belly and fireworks go off in my head!  It's yummy!  Now a good friend has come out with his own brand, and it's not only good, it's fantastic.  More after the jump.

Here's how honest I am. I HATED JESSIE JAMES BEER.  Holy smokes that crap is bad.  And just as bad as his beer is, that's how great his whiskey is.

I like to partake in a swallow or two or sixteen with my hillbilly friends.  We've pretty much drank every brand and ordinarily settle for K.D. (Kentucky Deluxe) because it's cheap (and we drink a lot).  Make no mistake, we know K.D. is harsh, but to us Crown tastes like rotten raisins and Jack is just too damn high.  When I'm feeling 'gifty' we'll pick up some honey whiskey and that stuff is just about the smoothest stuff on earth.  Well, imagine honey whiskey without the honey and you have Jessie James Outlaw whiskey.  This stuff goes down without that sharpness you get with a K.D. but comes in priced a lot closer to K.D. than Crown.  K.D. will usually run you about $15 a bottle, whereas Jack will run $30 and Crown sometimes as much as $35.  Jessie James runs about $20 a bottle (these are seriously generalized figures, you don't actually expect me to do actual research on this do you?).

Anyways, the same thing that makes this whiskey so great right out of the bottle is the thing that (should) make it killer as a mixed drink.  While I would never sully a drink of whiskey with anything other than ice or a bit of water, the smoothness of JJOW should make it blend well (and even make it a bit hard to notice) with your favorite soft drink.

Give it try....be safe and don't drink and drive and all that garbage.