The multitude of questions that can run through your head when it comes to the subject of religion, a higher power, heaven, hell, Satan, and last but not least God, can create even more questions on what you are supposed to believe in. Just so I am clear, I do very much believe in God and that Jesus Christ was his Son and he died for our sins. I know that there are a few people that don’t believe in any of this and this blog is not by any means meant to push you into believing in God or Christianity or anything of that nature. If anything, this blog is more about how things happen in life that challenges us to the point that we aren’t sure what to do sometimes because we might be worried about a certain subject or something might be going on in your life that is just very, very hard to handle.

Jordan Brown

My older sister, who is in the army and has gone to Afghanistan and come back, had a baby girl who was born with what is known as BLUE BABY SYNDROME. Her name is Emilia, we call her Emi for short, and she has had multiple surgeries for her heart. Not only that but it’s taking her a long time to heal and that haven’t been able to close her chest because there have been infections and issues that the doctors just have not be able to figure out or they are figuring out and it’s taking time for her to heal. That being said, like her mom, she is a fighter. She has been fighting every day and is not giving up. There are times that have been very hard to handle. I made a Facebook group called Emi’s heart where all I asked was for people to make hearts with their hands, send in the pictures that they took while doing this and to send all the good energy and pray for dear sweet little Emi. It is my belief that everyone’s support, good thoughts, and prayers are helping Emi have the strength and why she is fighting so hard. She knows that there is love for her everywhere. I love my little niece dearly and I pray for her every day.

It is life’s difficulties that can happen in your life that can make you lose faith or wonder why. But I have a theory. Those things that are hard to handle are meant to help you grow and prepare you for what is to come in the future. These things just help you grow…

So the next time you feel like you might lose it or you’re going through something that is very hard to handle, look for support, pray (even if you never have), and just do what you can to help those who might be going through something hard.

If anyone who reads this would like to send in a picture for Emi’s Heart to show your support and to send this little one your love and good energy you can go to the link here and post a picture. Thank you to everyone who has and is helping. She’s a fighter. I love you Emi. <3