Okay! So this past weekend I went to the pool because it was warm out and I really enjoy swimming, having fun with friends, and getting my margarita on with some of my friends after the pool because it’s a nice sunny day and that’s just what you do to unwind and after being at the pool!

Jordan Brown, Swimsuit Model

Getting back on topic… When it’s clearly pool season and you decide to go you might as well expect to see a bunch of girls that are in their little bikini’s and the guys are all muscular and buff and they all walk around like they were on Baywatch or something and then you realize, “SH!T!! I am not body ready!” You then arrive at your seat where you will leave your stuff, worry about someone stealing something while you’re in the pool, and then once you get there you try to come up with an elaborate plan to sneak over from your seat to the pool before anyone really notices that you are clearly not body ready yet. So you’re sitting there and you get the courage to get ready to jump in the water and you take off! … Just in time to turn around and realize a bunch of people saw you and are giving you funky looks.  THEN, you realize that your butt is WAY too big for your bottoms this time around and your bikini bottom was almost half way down your butt….yeah….these things happen. So I guess to put it simply, buy a bathing suit that fits you well and makes you feel good and look good (even if it’s a one piece!) and go have fun and be confident! No one likes a nip slip or a butt hanging out of their bathing suit… just saying. =-D