I love Foxy Shazam!  These guys are a hoot and it's impossible to determine whether frontman Eric Nall is putting us on or genuinely crazy.  He is, as you'll see in this video, a HELL of a front man.  You can just barely see some of his mike tricks in the video.  It's like these guys read a book called "every cool thing you can do on stage" and decided to add a few chapters.  This is even a kind of slow epic song, so it doesn't afford the band too much tempo to 'jump around like monkeys" has Nall says in the intro, but they still rock it like a mother.

Want proof that Foxy Shazam rocks?  Well they just landed the opening slot for Slash's tour.  If you have Slash's official stamp of approval, you're doing pretty good.  Check out the video for "Freedom" now.