I don’t believe in Karma as a magical construct.  The fact is that the human brain loves to identify patterns. If you give a hobo a dollar and then you find a dollar you may call it Karma.  It’s actually just a simple coincidence and an easy pattern of cause and supposed effect that your brain has filed away. Your brain didn’t call attention to the times you gave a hobo a dollar and nothing happened.  (More after the jump)

What I do is believe is, that for better or worse, we are teachers.  We teach those around us behaviors that are returned to us at convenient times.   A simple example would be if you are always there for your friends, your friends will be there for you. There will be many instances when you’ll have to shed friends that don’t repay your ‘karmic’ expectations, but you will ultimately, hopefully surround yourself with friends that treat you the way you treat them.   An even simpler example would be, if my mechanic friend is always there when I’m having car problems,  I’m likely to be there for him when he needs to move.   I think it goes the other way. If you have a roommate that steals your food, you are more likely to lower your morals and eat their stuff.

Think about it, if deeds always equaled rewards,  Mother Theresa would have won the lottery. Charles Manson would have been disemboweled in prison. Donald Trump would go bankrupt (again) and you would get an invite to party where you could embarrass all of the people who made fun of you in high school.

So, if you want better friends, be a better friend.  If you want better ‘luck’, make your own ‘luck’ by putting yourself into situations where you can be rewarded.   The Universe will not pay you back for your good deeds, your good deeds will (hopefully) someday pay you back.

Now with all this said, I reviewed the 12 Laws Of Karma as included in this video. If you look at them without the filter of *magic* they still apply.  If you're looking to better yourself, this video can help center you a little bit.  If nothing else, the video has a bunch of graphics that look like the covers to old Journey albums.