Thanks to all you guys that came out and supported the bands at the Carnival of Madness tour Friday night. The past several months Lubbock has been very lucky and hosted some great shows that in years past might have passed us by for venues in Amarillo or Odessa. We here at FMX, love to bring you all the best shows featuring all of your favorite bands, and we LOVE the support you guys show us and the artists by coming to the shows.That being said, I feel like there are a few things we need to address to help ensure that we continue to get these shows and not be passed over because a few too many drinks in some people ruin the fun for everyone.

THROWING crap... for some reason people have decided throwing drinks, shoes, hats, and various other items at the stage or into the crowd is cool.

Let me say, IT"S NOT! Not only are you wasting a perfectly good drink, but you tick people off and if you hit the stage or a band member you risk ruining their equipment or ticking them off to the extent where they could stop playing and leave the stage.  In turn ticking EVERYONE off...

No one enjoys being hit with this stuff... DON'T THROW STUFF INTO THE CROWD OR AT THE STAGE

Next, moshing and crowd surfing, we have a lot of listeners who have turned their children on to killer music and who bring their kids out to shows to allow them to experience something that could very well propel and inspire the next generation of rockers.

I TOTALLY get moshing and crowd surfing are a big part of some shows, but come on people, lets use some common sense here...

At the Five Finger Death Punch show, right before Ivan called the kids on stage there was a man with his son (who was maybe 6 or 7) on his shoulders... TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE CROWD... a few minutes into the song the moshing started and the little dude was knocked to the ground and had to be taken out by EMS


Bottom line is this, we love to bring killer shows to the Hub, we love seeing EVERYONE enjoy these shows and we love the support! But let common sense prevail PLEASE! If you are going to mosh do it off to the side near the back wall where no one else is standing, and if there are people with kiddos near you don't mosh, or find some place else.

If people are crowd surfing, be careful, don't drop people, and if you're surfing, don't kick and squirm and make it any harder on the people below you to get you safely to the front. And parents, as tempting as it is to get your little ones in on the action, DON'T! you are risking them getting hurt!

If we all use some common sense and are considerate of our fellow concert goer's we make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Please guys, let's not take the chance on missing out on great shows because we don't know how to act.

I shot this video of a group of people moshing (there were guys and girls involved) from the back after witnessing several people who were just trying to enjoy the show being hit, bumped, and knocked down.